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Taos Mountain Outfitters

on the southeast corner of the plaza in Taos, New Mexico



Wilco Imaging

source for the Elmo SUV helmet cam



Archuleta’s Machine shop

welding, machining, and much more

358 Hondo Seco Road in Arroyo Seco, New Mexico



El Salto Motorsports

expert mechanics, indispensable advice, great barbecue





1. Paymaneh Ghaffari - August 19, 2008

Hi there Marcus, I hope all is going well on the journey. I guess you are on the way to Russia today. can’t wait to hear how that is and see the photos.

2. Barbara Satterwhite - August 20, 2008


Hi Marcus,

I am enjoying “seeing” and “hearing” about your travels. Thanks for taking time to record everything and sharing with family & friends. Japan is just beautiful and I appreciate your observations of the Japanese people. Take care as you enjoy the sights/sites in Russia. Know that you are remembered.
Love you,

3. Michael de Nicola - September 22, 2008

Hey Marcus – Marcusbest.com is sooo cool. Thanks for taking the time to share this amazing journey. Your insights and observations serve as reminders for all the things I have to be grateful for back here at home.. Thanks for this. Be safe, enjoy, best, cheers!

4. Elizabeth Spears - November 9, 2008

Hi Marcus!

5. Chara - January 5, 2009

Marcus, a friend of Abigail’s here, Chara, from Baylor…may not ring a bell and I won’t be offended. 😉 She told me about your amazing adventure and I had to check it out for myself. Amazing is the understatement of the year. Inspiring to say the least. You’ll be in my prayers! God bless ya!

6. Barbara Satterwhite - January 11, 2009

Hi Marcus,

I read your latest entry and viewed the pics as well. Great shots. Glad to see you’re alive and well…albeit floating in the Dead Sea! It’s such a unique experiece to follow your trip from my home and know you’re living the adventure!

Continue to ENJOY and continue to be SAFE.

Love you,

7. chris pieper - January 12, 2009

Hello Mr Best. All is well in Taos, although we miss making turns with you!

Many blessings,


8. Lief Bjelland - March 3, 2009

Hey Marcus,
Regards from Sakhalin. Thanks for sharing the pics/site and for the Alphabet book.The rug rat has it down pat now. Enjoying your pics and checking in regularly. Hope the baling wire holds up. In your absence we’re busy skiing and snowmobiling our way to summer – if it ever comes…

9. Shelby Bufkin - June 25, 2009

Your dad told me about your adventures. I am loving reading about your adventures. I am so jealous of you bud. God has truly blessed your life with this trip. Loving the pictures. Keep them coming. What camera are you using? By the way my wife and I are now living back in Snyder. I have moved back to take over my dad’s oilfield business. Good luck with your adventures!!! The road goes on forever and the party never ends…..


10. JES - August 3, 2009

WOW. Just checking in.

11. Danielle and Tomy from Canada - September 19, 2009

We are the ones that you met in Windhoek, Namibia at the Chameleon’s Backpackers. We spend few days in the south with Norm Rotter. Do you remember us ? You must of met sooooooo much people. We still follow your blog ! What an incredible experience. Angola !!! Wow wow wow. Remember that you are more than welcome in Montreal, Canada. We are sure that Norm also wants to see you ! cia ciao danielle xxx and tomy

12. Dave - December 8, 2011

Why bother with one of these BMW motorcycles at all, and why pay to ship a motorcycle across the ocean. Just get a 125cc Yamaha and use that for your trip, you can buy it in the city where you land and off you go. You’ll get at least 80 miles to the gallon.The locals know how to fix it and they’ve got the parts on hand.

Sell it when you get to the end of the continent you travelling on.

People that tour using BMW’s are on a power trip fueled up by the marketing efforts of BMW corp. How did it get in your head that you need a BMW, you need to ask yourself that? Redo the trip Marcus, doing it the way I say…

marcusbest - December 8, 2011

I agree that your idea to buy a motorcycle and on a continent and sell it when you leave that continent is a great idea and one of many different ways to travel. Something to consider is whether the motorbikes you refer to could handle the terrain and weight of the luggage you carry. I don’t think a 125cc Yamaha could have carried what my BMW carried and gone where it took me. Also, which would you prefer to drive, an underpowered small motorbike or one that has been modified to fit your riding style and body shape, one that you know intimately. In Africa, the durable and ubiquitous Hondas and Yamahas that you speak of are almost a thing of the past. They have been overtaken by a variety of Chinese motorbikes that are almost disposable. Do you think these cheaply made Chinese bikes are as reliable as my BMW? So you say I was “on a power trip fueled up by the marketing efforts of BMW.” Is it possible to tour on a BMW and not be on a power trip?

13. Dave - December 8, 2011

I’ll just say one last thing about this before I leave it. I owned a RT100 once and I know what a piece of junk they are. The parts are expensive and they use as much gas as a car. One time I waited two weeks to be shipped a part for the electrical system what cost over two hundred dollars, then that didn’t even fix the problem.

Look at what happened to Rommel during WW2, he used BMW tanks and trucks. Sand got in the bearings, they ran out of gas and the whole column got strafed by British fighter planes…

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