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1981 R80G/S




1. the table at the Rancho Diego - August 9, 2008

Jesse is one hot ride. What was the name of your fish in Tokyo?
Beers and home cooked food ready for your return. What to do with leftovers now? Can you extend your rear rack anymore? Can you be more specific about your miscellaneous stainless steel parts? Foley’s wondering about ‘biners. Longer 5th gears are out, get a 6th. Cagiva exhaust? there’s a new cream for that.
we are your angels on your wings. be safe have fun and remember all the stories

2. Claudio Angelini - January 24, 2009

Nicely done!
Greets from Martin Muench, we just met him a few days ago here in South Africa and are now spending a few days together.

3. Will - August 11, 2009

Wow…..I have an 96 1100GS set up nearly like yours within reason (much heavier) and more stuff. I admire your map reading and navigation skills.

I am stationed in Iraq, and my bike sits in the garage at home, I am going to read your blog daily until I get home and grow the courage to do what you do.

Keep up the good blogging. BTW..what camera are you using? Good pics.

4. Jesus Saez Martin - August 16, 2009

saludos marcus. te escribo desde granada para saber de tu situacion que espero que sea fabulosa. soy Jesús recuerdas el dia que llegaste a casa acompañado de David y Belen, para conocernos y contarme parte de tus aventuras por el mundo. fue una velada muy entretenida y envidiable por mi parte el saber la hazaña que estabas realizando. espero que todo te valla bien y que jesse esté en buen estado hasta el final de vuestro viaje. UN ABRAZO.

5. Frank M. Miller - August 23, 2009

Marcus, your dad told me about your adventerous life encountered on this world tour. I was finally able to locate your story on my computer. Bear in mind that I am not of the computer age and it is very difficult for me to navigate thru the necessary steps of this mass of electronics.
I find your story and pictures so very fasinating and do appreciate your dad’s instructions as to how to access your story.
I wish you continued good life as you travel.

6. Craig - November 9, 2009

I feel so inadaquate! Unable to get you charging again is draining me too. And to have just left you in some strange town with a dead battery! I won’t sleep well until I know your running at 14.4V again! I’m still not convinced this Marcus guy is good enough for you. I think Anton would treat you MUCH better.

7. Irene - May 11, 2010

Hola Marcos estan linda tu foto que divertido hasta donde has viajado talvez no te acuerdas de mi pero yo si siempre me acuerdo cuando estuviste apoyando aqui en sol

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