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I grew up in Snyder, Texas, surrounded by pumpjacks and fields of cotton. In the summers when I was a kid my family would pile into the GoodTimes van and hit the road for weeks, escaping the 110˚ Texas heat: Vermont, Florida, Wyoming, Northern California and all in between. When I was fourteen I spent a summer in Germany on an exchange program, and since then I’ve been hooked on travel. I studied biology and writing in college and after graduating worked for the Fish & Wildlife Department in Alaska for a summer. I then worked in Nicaragua as a carpenter for over a year and slowly made my way to New Mexico, where I’ve lived for almost eight years.

I’ve dreamed about taking a trip around the world for a long time. I’ve traveled quite a bit, and I want to connect all of the places I’ve been together with one continuous thread. Traveling often involves getting on a plane or going to sleep on a train and waking up in a new place; we’re transported from one country and culture to another in a matter of hours with hardly any transition at all. I want to experience that slow transition and watch the changing of the land and people.

I started taking photos mainly to remind myself where I’ve been. For me, each photo is like a page from my travel journal, and I expect that after a fourteen-month trip around the world, I’ll have lots of pages to share.

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1. netty - July 9, 2008

will miss you empty b. netty, arie, carrie, yo and chuncky xo

2. Anastasis - London - July 29, 2008

All the best. Keep safe.

3. the table at the Rancho Diego - August 9, 2008

Donna made great dinner.
Talked about how much we miss you for ages.
Children are growing by the hour.
Hope you are warm and safe and happy.
love and more love,

4. Aaron, Lisa, Teo and Judy - November 15, 2008

Hello Marcus……Lisa made great dinner tonight. It was so great to hear your voice. We all watched the wizard of oz and we all miss you. Just checking you out bro…..let us know how you are doing when you canxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxJay,Donna, Milan, Teo, Papi and Lisa

5. Aaron C. Colin - November 18, 2008

hi, Marcus… Thank you very much for sharing this with us… your pics are awesome… Me myself, i’m planning a same type of trip with a Kawasaki KLR 650…

6. Elizabeth Spears - December 19, 2008

The pictures are beautiful. Just beautiful. The ones in the former Soviet Union take me back especially the honey salesmen. Ah, the bazar.
Wonder if your are warm and what you are doing for Xmas.

7. Abigail Pfiester - December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays, Marcus!

Love the photos and journal entries. You are as gifted a writer as you are a photographer–which makes for enjoyable viewing. Hope you are well this Christmas (where the heck are you now?!)–many people are sending warm wishes your way!


8. Paymaneh Ghaffari - December 30, 2008

Hi there Marcus, I thought I wrote you a message a while ago but obviously not. Been keeping track of you and am sooooo jealous. Seems like an amazing journey. I bumped into Mike at Twirl the other day…. (where else?) and he said that you were in Cairo and that Laura was there with you and you were going to take her out of town to Alexandria or somewhere of the sort. Now if that is not romantic I don’t know what is. Perfect place to pop the question as far as I am concerned but I should mind my own bloody business shouldn’t I? Anyway, Thanks for doing this web sight and keeping us all on your track. I love it! Can’t wait to hear all the stories and see the slide show when you get back 10 years from now! Tons of Love, Paymaneh

9. Elizabeth Spears - February 18, 2009

Just checking in on you.

10. Damiano Carretta - March 4, 2009

Hi Marcus,where are you ? In lusaka.If you want to meet my granny you
have to go to Italy,Venice.


11. sjean joubert - March 27, 2009

hi marcus…..met you with 10 guys in clarens …south africa..hear you on your way to cape town the mother city…looking forward at you updating this site…please..sjean joubert potchefstroom south africa

12. Chris Woods - April 3, 2009

Hi Marcus
You don’t know me, but I have been following your blog for some time after watching your South American vid on Youtube, and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the fantastic photography and journal. Keep up the good work. I look forward to the next update to feed my envy!! Safe travelling. Chris.

13. Eric West - April 22, 2009

Marcus, my old friend, what an unbelievable trip.

I ran into your parents tonight at a restaurant in Snyder and they told me of your adventures and this site. I’ll have to come back later to read up on your last several months. I’m really enjoying the photos and your perspective on the people and places you’re seeing. What a story to tell, and I’m glad you are telling it.

Have a blessed journey,


14. Joel - May 2, 2009

Marcus Happy Birthday my friend!! I hope, no, I KNOW you’re spending it in style. Hope Jesse’s coming back together and you’re energized for the return to the bush. Hey drop a line when you want to start thinking about a UK ride with Spike and I. Peace and journeys,


15. Elizabeth Spears - June 23, 2009

Still looking at this, keep posting!

16. JOHAN BRITZ - July 19, 2009



17. Melissa (Hodges) Hamilton - July 24, 2009


What you are doing is so amazing. Rebecca Vestal told me about the blog, and I just posted it as a link on my Facebook page so other people can keep up with you too. And just think, the last time we traveled (Florida) I was your chaperone because I was 14 and you were 11! I’m hurt you didn’t ask me to come along this time!

I really enjoy the pictures and the video. Good luck and safe travels. If you are ever in Lubbock, come by for a sandwich. I think I got to the point where I could finally make them like you like them! We can even watch 90210 reruns. . .

18. Gino Cussen - August 23, 2009

Hi, Saw your request on irishbiker.ie….dont have a bike to lend but can ask about, if perchance you need a bunk, tools or assistance while in Ireland just call or text me. I live on the south-east coast in a place called Courtown…a seaside resort, I have a Gilera RC600 so could show you some of our beautiful scenery…ie wicklow mountains..

086 1939639

19. Vincenzo Flesca - August 27, 2009

was simply great to meat you yeasterday.
I enjoyed to share with you the coast road along Cinque Terre in Liguria. I could certainly not expect on my way back from Corsica, to meet somebody that, believe me or not, from now on will be one of my permanent mhyts .
Every men in the world think about doing a world tour. You are not only doing it , you are also doing it riding a BMW bike…. things that can happen only in a heaven.
I am fairly sure I will never do the same but thank to you now I can dream about this possibilities.
In case you decide to stop in Bologna I will be pleased to meet you again and deliver any support you may need. feel free to call me even for a 5 minutes coffe along your way to Germany.

Thank you also for sharing your fantastic adventure trhough you web site.

You are Great.

20. angela Turner - September 13, 2009

Hi Marcus. Your website is brilliant. I am a brit in Munich. I have a couple of motorbikes, I am touring next week into the Alps so it was good to read your blog. Africa looks amazing. Well done really interesting stuff for me as a biker.


21. Elizabeth Spears - October 27, 2009

Just took a peek.

22. whitney - October 31, 2009

Hey marcus! this is whitney–i’m a friend of nicole’s and used to see you around taos sometimes. i’ve been living in e africa for awhile now and went searching for ethiopia pics which prompted me to remember you were traveling round the world. i’m wondering if i could get your email to ask if you have any recs for ethiopia? beautiful photos by the way! hope you’re enjoying europe. -W

23. whitney - October 31, 2009

wow, i have to add, i was so captured by the stories and faces and landscapes that i forgot what i was supposed do be doing and found myself traversing back the way you’ve come over the last year. really amazing story–buen hecho.

24. Grant Wood - December 19, 2011

Great Stuff! Glad to see a Snyder Guy going for it!

If you are ever in Big D, look me up; our club, Beemer Off Road Dallas, would love to have you as a guest of honor at one of our meetings or a happy hour.


-Grant Wood
President of B.O.R.D.
Beemer Off Road Dallas,

marcusbest - December 19, 2011

Thanks for the invite, Grant. I just gave a 45-minute slideshow presentation of my trip last week and will probably do another in the Taos Ski Valley in January. Next time I’m in the Dallas area (which unfortunately is rare), I’ll look you up and maybe stop by for a quick presentation if you want.

Take care,

marcusbest - December 19, 2011

Thanks for the invite, Grant. I just gave a 45-minute slideshow presentation of my trip last week and will probably do another in the Taos Ski Valley in January. Next time I’m in the Dallas area (which unfortunately is rare), I’ll look you up and maybe stop by for a quick presentation if you want.

Take care,

25. Grant Wood - August 21, 2015

Marcus-I happened back on this site and have been enjoying it again! Hope you are well! The invite for a visit to Dallas still stands, but now that my uncle lives in Taos, we are there occasionally. I’m in the process of a frame up restoration of my ’81 G/S.

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